Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this company provide free Quote ?

Exactly, we offer clear quote based on your requirements including development process, different services and different level of your budget investment i.e. economic, standard and premium.

Our technical and financial proposals are fully free of costs.

2. Which technologies are used for system development ?

Our collaborative team is organized from different fields like Science, Management, Engineering and Arts.

We have lots of programming knowledge in different platforms they are PHP, Laravel, WordPress, OpenCart, JAVA, C#, .NET, PYTHON and ANDROID.

The use of technology based on project level of project and type of project category.  

3. Can you able to maintain and support as long term if we develop the system from your company ?

We are 24/7 ready for your system error handling and technical solution at anytime and from anywhere but for some extra feature addition and system promotion depends on project contracts.

4. Do you gurantee the security and confidentiality of our intellectual property ?

Obviously, we have 5+ years expert team for your system development and management. Best Programming Practice and security of system are our primary motto. We know clearly about that the responsibility and accountibility of your intellectual property in global market so worry not about this concern. We must applied the rules of system confidentiality based on our knowledge and experience along with upcoming trends.

5. What are the difference between your company and other software company ?

Long term customer relationship, quality of product and services, time delivery, and security are our special features of system. 

We develop the system based on customer requirement along with similar product trends i.e. competing with competitors.

Actually we don't know the development process of other software company, however, we develop the system mostly considering recent trends and customer requirements

Quick customer response and higher customer satisfaction are our main vision. 

6. Do you provide system handling documentation ?

Documentation is more essential for system and data management, we always develop the clear documentation about specific project for data and system management.

*Note: For general system like WordPress, OpenCart backend handling document may not required, although, we are here to make clear documentation about that if neccessary.

7. How do you handle the client change request ?

Our existing client response is main priority and upgrade or maintenance of system based on project contract.

8. How safe will be my project related information ?

We are fully responsible and must accept your relevant information privacy policy, terms and conditions.

9. What are the terms and condition if I want to change my project from economic level to standard or premium level?

It depends on your requirement and project complexity.

10. What can I do if your services are not satisfied ?

Firstly we must focus your dissatisfaction points and will try to solve that. If you fully not interested with us, please feel free to contact for dis-agreement.