Outsourcing and offshoring

Outsourcing and offshoring

Are you searching for pioneer IT Expert from Nepal ? We are here for Online Application Project Outsourcing and Offshoring. We ensure that your project delivery time is higher priority and your project quality is our  premium brand. Please just email us at offshoresofttech@gmail.com including your brief project requirement together with your project budget you will get our quote within a hour. CollaborativeTeam is our main mission for producing globalized vendor products. The Company, Offshore Soft Tech has great network with USA, Australia, Germany, Tanzania and Maldives for Idea Generation, Innovation, and Business Support. So worry not to join with us for getting innovative idea along with generating business income through online marketing. We have more than 10 IT expert teams for application development, design and Quality Assurance with more than 5 years of specific field experience. Furthermore, Our goal is connecting to global digital market for applying IT to every business like product exchange, digitize business structure, cross cultural exchange, travel and tour business and so on.  Therefore, please do not hesitate to join with us, just give us a call at +9843224115 or contact us instantly. We have the knowledge of different technologies  like WordPress, Opencart, Laravel, Woocommerce, Magento, React JS, Angular JS and so on.

The following are services of Project Offshoring and Outsourcing:

  • E-Commerce Solution By Opencart, Woocommerce, Laravel and Magento Platform
  • Any types of Online Application and Website Development via WordPress and Laravel
  • Digital Marketing, SEO, Site Audit and Support
  • Business market through communicating different expert people

Why Project Outsourcing and Offshoring with us?

  • We complete your project on very reasonable cost.
  • On Time Delivery and Prompt Response is our primary concern.
  • Quality of product is our premium brand.
  • Connecting with interrelated person by pioneer business marketing.